Hi Gorgeous!

Welcome to Delineation! We’re committed to provide an exceptional beauty, hair stylist and industry leading, professional grade products for stylists, aesthetics professionals and you! Check out our boutique or simply visit our shop for a huge selection of products which will enhance your natural beauty.



Salon Delineation Ltd. was established in 1982 and was simply a hair salon which retailed select haircare products in only 1200 sq feet of space on Yonge Street. just north of Bloor St. In 1987 due to our expanding needs we relocated to 2409 Yonge Street. and for a number of years weathered various changes in the beauty industry.


On June 1st 2011 we have now relocated to 1110 Yonge Street between Macpherson Avenue and Roxborough Street on the west side.


Now downscaled to 2300sq ft we will continue to provide you with the exemplary customer service and product knowledge as well as providing we believe to be outstanding hair and skin care services in our salon.


We’re happy to see you 7 days a week! Feel free to book your session online or contact us for help!


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